Why become a member

Join our membership community as a Roofing Contractor Member, or an Associate Member, for these top 5 reasons:
  • Respected reputation as industry leaders
  • Recognitions for quality standards and safety
  • Partnerships / industry relationships
  • Technical knowledge, education and advocacy
  • 5 - year warranty

How to become a member

All our members are required to remain in compliance with the standards set forth
in our bylaws, policies and code of ethics.

Please download information forms and our membership application/s below and contact our office for further information.

Application forms / policies

Membership Application Contractor
Contractor Member Application Form (2019.APP.02)

Membership Application Contractor Requirements
New Contractor Membership Application Form (2019.APP.03)

Membership Application Associate
Associate Member Application Form (2019.APP.01)

Membership policies / forms

Membership Policy Contractor
Contractor members must be familiar with this document (2019.MBR.07)

Member Annual Renewal ALL
To be filled out by all members on January 1st of each year (2019.MBR.01)

Member Categories Dues
For your information – dues references and membership types (20129.MBR.02)

Member Code of Ethics
All members are to be familiar with this document (2019.MBR.03)

Member Confidentialty Agreement
All members are to be familiar with this document (2019.MBR.04)

Member Memorandum of Insurance
Contractors to have insurance company fill out and send to RCAM with certificate (2019.MBR.05)

Member Proxy Form
All members to fill this out on Janaury 1st each year to delegate rep and authorize voting (2019.MBR.08)

Honorary Member Nomination Form
For nominating Honorary Lifetime Members (2019.PRO.08)