RCAM is an authorized provider of the CRCA National Torch Safety Program released in 2019 and is available to members through the in-class teaching provided by RCAM.

The CRCA National Torch Safety Program promotes safe torch practices in the workplace and provides up to date information on specific safety training for workers.  The classroom training is designed in five modules to improve awareness, recognition and knowledge of safe work practices as well as common rooftop hazards and danger points. Graduates of the program will be presented with a Torch Safety certificate offered exclusively through RCAM in Manitoba.

As torch safety is an essential element of training for professional roofers across Canada, and increasing torch safety, and keeping insurance affordable, requires strict procedures in place in order to provide this course as outlined by the CRCA. RCAM recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of this program in order to preserve the trust and respect this program has established with stakeholders.

For more information or to register for the course please contact RCAM Technical Representative at:



Technical / advisory bulletins

Through RCAM’s alliance with the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association we focus on keeping our members informed and providing national guidance from the CRCA on the practical, regulatory, technical, and business needs of Canada’s roofing contractors.

CRCA issues technical and advisory bulletins as a way of keeping the institutional, commercial, and industrial roofing (ICI) industry informed of developing technical issues. In this section, you will find all technical and advisory bulletins issued by CRCA.